The Importance of a Happy Home

Although it appears like it’s been a year since I’ve posted it’s not to say that I haven’t been writing. The famous idea stage, writing and then editing stage has not been completed due to a variety of reasons. One which was the most prominent, the house flat in which I have been living existing in.

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Maybe you can relate

old sneakers

old trainers


The time has neared for me to get rid of my shoes (trainers/sneakers). The fact is that since November they have been in a very bad way. The worst thing for me is that I’m a dancer (I didn’t say a good one).  However, the issue is more a fact that for a certain amount of time these have been  my preferred shoes to dance in, as they allow me to glide across the floor with minimal resistance.

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2015 it’s been emotional.

So as the New Year approaches, a reflection of this that is still here. In essence I believe that this year was certainly one of self discovery or even self rediscovery.

It was certainly more full than most, spending maybe a month in my home town (city if you wish to be specific) at most during the year. Rich with experiences. Sure not all the experiences were pleasant, most of the year really wasn’t, it was an opportunity to grow and learn from them.

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Three Years Later.

I’ve discovered that it’s my third year with WordPress. So rather than writing what I was intending to (well at least for now) I decided that lo and behold I’ll look at the last three years of my life.

Three years on from my joining it’s fair to say somethings are more changed than others. At the time of joining I was coming to the end of my unsuccessful Uni attempt. Things previously planned began to evaporate before my eyes as my existence started a rapid descent south. Continue reading

My Reflection of the Year.

This is not something I’ve done before but as it was a milestone year I thought that I’d have a brief reflection of the year.

I spent a significant time away from my home country, visited re-visited a place dear to my heart, took part in two congresses (dance), found employment, lost employment and now I’m here.

The memorable song for my year is, “Maná – Oye mi amor”

Not because of the lyrics (not that I know or understand them) but that song brings back some valuable memories to me.

I heard this last night and thought how amazing it was to hear this at the end of the year, so henceforth decided my year is represented by this song.

The Revolving Door of the Internship World.



So, the next batch has arrived. Them, just like me, suckers, and unaware as to what lies in store for them. The only slight comforting thing for me is that they will get less than I did. It’s not that I’m happy about that, but certainly it’s a ‘rather you than me feeling’. I was working for fourteen Euros a day and these will work for less (accommodation included. Given that I could make what I made in a day in an hour(giving a private class) it is concerning to think of the future conditions for them. What’s worse is that the company is making a killing.
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The Frustrations of Living in Another Country

Forget not knowing anyone, forget not knowing the location for things, forget having to adapt to the new culture. The biggest and most vital annoyance and point of frustration lies firmly at the feet of  communication.


As I write this I am absolutely seething with rage. The incident which occurred may be minor to some , but I am fuming.

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The Visit to My Past.

Obviously one cannot replicate things exactly as they were seven years ago, but after those years longing and missing this place, I finally returned. In essence, it was technically earlier than I should have come back as I had the desire not to return before ten years. This was an attempt to ensure that the previous memories remained  encapsulated in my mind.

Plaza España

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